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Weighted Options

Weighted options allow you to choose how likely a particular option's value is to be used in game generation. The higher a value is weighted, the more likely the option will be chosen. Think of them like entries in a raffle.

Choose the options you would like to play with! You may generate a single-player game from this page, or download an options file you can use to participate in a MultiWorld.

A list of all games you have generated can be found on the User Content page.

Game Options

Progression Balancing

A system that can move progression earlier, to try and prevent the player from getting stuck and bored early. A lower setting means more getting stuck. A higher setting means less getting stuck.
This is a range option.

Accepted values:
Normal range: 0 - 99

The following values have special meanings, and may fall outside the normal range.
  • 0: Disabled
  • 50: Normal
  • 99: Extreme


Set rules for reachability of your items/locations. - **Locations:** ensure everything can be reached and acquired. - **Items:** ensure all logically relevant items can be acquired. - **Minimal:** ensure what is needed to reach your goal can be acquired.
Item & Location Options

Local Items

Forces these items to be in their native world.

Non-local Items

Forces these items to be outside their native world.

Start Inventory

Start with these items.

Start Hints

Start with these item's locations prefilled into the ``!hint`` command.

Start Location Hints

Start with these locations and their item prefilled into the ``!hint`` command.

Excluded Locations

Prevent these locations from having an important item.

Priority Locations

Prevent these locations from having an unimportant item.

Item Links

Share part of your item pool with other players.
This option is not supported. Please edit your .yaml file manually.