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Currently Supported Games



 Bumper Stickers



 Dark Souls III


 Donkey Kong Country 3

 DOOM 1993


 Final Fantasy

 Hollow Knight

 Hylics 2

 Kingdom Hearts 2

 The Legend of Zelda

 A Link to the Past

 Links Awakening DX

 Lufia II Ancient Cave

 MegaMan Battle Network 3


 The Messenger


 Muse Dash


 Ocarina of Time

 Overcooked! 2

 Pokemon Red and Blue


 Risk of Rain 2

 Rogue Legacy

 Secret of Evermore

 Slay the Spire


 Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

 Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

 Stardew Valley



 Super Mario 64

 Super Mario World

 Super Metroid






 The Witness